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Adobe yesterday announced the powerful partnership with for providing Flash based CLOUD applications. This Flash Applications will run on the top of Cloud Platform.  They have jointly created Adobe Flash Builder for (Stratus Project)- new IDE to create Flash based Cloud Applications. It will create more sense to Flash Builder’s Data Services and Connectivity. This applications will be called as Rich Cloud Applications (RCA).

Here is the architecture of RCA apps flow

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Instead of building infra for the app, we can concentrate on App UI and Logic, since this environment already built on perfect Platform, so no need for setting the separate infra. This will save the productivity time. Developers can use Adobe Flash Builder for to build applications that work the way people work.

*  Add intuitive, interactive user interface (UI) features, such as drag and drop, to shorten application learning curves, increase user acceptance, improve productivity and reduce help-desk support calls.

*  Incorporate advanced data visualizations, such as charts and dashboards, for better decision support.

*  Turn multi-step business process applications into a one-screen experience that increases usability and efficiency.

*  Provide light-weight client-side integration to unify user experiences across systems inside and outside the firewall into a single application for better business visibility.

The solution also gives developers flexibility to scale their applications to fit a variety of business needs by:
*    Building new applications supporting both browser and desktop deployment scenarios.
*    Creating new application components that are tailored to specific job functions or business use cases and integrated into existing applications.
*    Adding rich UI elements to existing Salesforce CRM or applications.

Adobe Flash Builder for includes:

*    Professional Eclipse®-based IDE, unifying Adobe Flash Builder and the IDE into a common, highly productive environment for building a variety of applications.
*    Code-editor, design-view, browser and cross platform compatibility.
*    User interface capabilities with more than 100 easily customized, reusable components, including access to motion graphics, drag and drop capabilities and more.
*    Data visualizations including built-in interactive charting and animation components capable of processing large data sets.
*    Pre-built integration with Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services for client-side data management and synchronization services, automatically synchronizing data between the database and an Adobe AIR secure local data store on the client, allowing developers to build apps that seamlessly span connected and disconnected environments.

This will create a great Flash Platform Cloud Applications with the Powerful back-end of Platform.

Reference and Sources (don’t forget to read this)

FlashBuilder @ (for Screenshots / documentation / installations / developer’s guide details)

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