My first foot-print in Augmented Reality (FLAR Toolkit experiment)

As discussed in my earlier post Augmented Reality from Adobe Flash Platform, I’ve successfully created my first Augmented Reality application with Carousel Effect using Flash 3D framework.

Here is an image of AR application,

If you closely observe the image, you can see the Carousel effect with my image playing on top of the paper( the illusion, you can see this in a Web Camera).

The Application will read the pattern in a paper and draw the Carousel Effect in the target. If you see at the left hand side of Carousel, there is a Red Color arrow button which is used to operate the Carousel.. If you click that Red Color arrow Button it will rotate the images in Clock Wise…

Little confused… ???? …  ah ah…  😉  Application  details and work flow in my next post … Stay tuned for more cool info…  😉