Adobe Flash Platform Summit is Back

Finally the most awaited event came home .. 😉

Adobe Flash Platform Summit Official site.

In the journey of  Grand shows by Adobe’s Flash Platform, this year Adobe organizing Flash Platform Summit 2010 @ Nimhans Convention Center in Bangalore, India  on 25-26 August 2010.

Be ready for the Grand and awesome show… 😉

Previous Grand Show >> Adobe Online Creative Festival

A Hidden framework in the Flash Community

Recently I read some article about a hidden / two year old Action Script 3.0 framework, which was pretty surprise. Thought of share with you all,

Name : FlightBorn : 2008

Here is an overview of Flight Framework,

About Flight Framework,

The Flight Framework is the evolution of an ActionScript framework that has been around for a few years. It was originally designed for web-based, design-centric applications such as product printers and book builders. Even now the framework ships with the CommandHistory – an entire solution for undo and redo – and other practical utilities that strengthen its offering.

Flight Framework maintains an emphasis on supporting capable clients: Flex and Flash applications that are much more than just pretty faces to server implementations. Through features like domains (modular MVC systems) and a prescribed structure, the framework transforms component scripting into real application development.

Hope this framework will add more values to your Flash / Flex applications development.  😉


Flight framework | Flightframework @ Google Code | Getting Started

Microsoft’s pretty site ;)

Microsoft has created a cool and clay-based site to show their products theme and objective, etc,..

The products and sites are my-favourite Microsoft Expression 😉 , TechNet and MSDN net works…

Interestingly they have the option to create a wallpaper by our self with our name.. There u can create your own wall papers in different resolution.  😀

Here is my try from Nathan5.x,

1.This is the text I’ve given ,

Nathan5.x Test

2. Then the output is,

Output Wall-paper

View full image

3.I made some transparent play with the above image and I got the below one,

Some Mixing

This application developed in Silverlight…

Enjoy creating your Wall-papers.. 😉

MapQuest – Map ActionScript API for Flash and Flex

Hi Flex Bees, we got an interesting API for customizing Maps in our Map based application. This will give more and cool features to our apps.

MapQuest is committed to providing the best mapping experience in the Flex environment and are continuing to innovate our AS3 and Flex toolkits.  MapQuest provides not only mapping, but industry-leading geocoding, routing and spatial search capabilities, all within easy-to-use Flex components that allow for drag and drop creation of your mapping interface.”

Sample screenshot from TourDeFlex

Interesting news is we’ve this API for .NET / JAVA / JavaScript as well. Please checkout the resource page for more details.

Useful Resources,

Developer Documentation

AS3 Flex  – Samples and Tutorials

The MapQuest Platform is available to everyone for free (Free Edition).  The Enterprise Edition includes everything available for free, plus account management, live support, service level commitments and  enhanced data offerings.  If you wish to try the full power of the Enterprise Edition before buying, A Developer License is also freely available and can be accessed here.

Premium Data Sets are also available with MapQuest Platform Enterprise Edition, for both display and search.  Datasets in North America include business listings, neighborhoods, parcels, zip codes, counties, demographics, school districts and school points.  See more at

Hope this will be useful . 🙂

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