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My favourite Adobe’s MAX on this year and EDGE

Every Year Adobe Organizing a BIG INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – MAX, where you can find a large number of Adobe Tech Bees around the world ( like me )


In MAX 2008, Adobe CTO – Kevin Lynch Speech was awesome, he is the Key Player of Adobe, the way he portrayed the Flash Platform technologies was really stunning… Also the technologies and its features are explained as a Real world entity, which was attracted by more Audience.

I know, you have one small question in your mind “How this guy have attended  the Session?”…

Simple, I have seen the Speech in Adobe TV web site..  It was superb quality…

In MAX 2008, most of the Tech Bees asked many queries and some bees conveyed the issues on Adobe Technologies. To avoid such related issues discussion, this year they have launched the site called “EDGE“, there you can post and submit the issues on Technologies and Products.


Following are the Hot topics planning to discuss at MAX 2009, Los Angels on October


MAX 2009 Site..

I’m awaiting for MAX 2009.. If it is in India, I will be very happy… Will see …

Be ready for the GOOD SHOW..:)

Hope MAX 2009 reveals many Secrets