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A Hidden framework in the Flash Community

Recently I read some article about a hidden / two year old Action Script 3.0 framework, which was pretty surprise. Thought of share with you all,

Name : FlightBorn : 2008

Here is an overview of Flight Framework,

About Flight Framework,

The Flight Framework is the evolution of an ActionScript framework that has been around for a few years. It was originally designed for web-based, design-centric applications such as product printers and book builders. Even now the framework ships with the CommandHistory – an entire solution for undo and redo – and other practical utilities that strengthen its offering.

Flight Framework maintains an emphasis on supporting capable clients: Flex and Flash applications that are much more than just pretty faces to server implementations. Through features like domains (modular MVC systems) and a prescribed structure, the framework transforms component scripting into real application development.

Hope this framework will add more values to your Flash / Flex applications development.  😉


Flight framework | Flightframework @ Google Code | Getting Started

Sonoflash – Audio Flash Components

No MP3’s. No WAV’s.  Making sounds from Flash Components for free.

SonoFlash Logo
SonoFlash Logo

Sonoflash team has created Audio Flash Components for developers /designers who wish to create particular kind of sounds.

Below- the snap shot of various sliders, you can adjust it and create sounds as you like, and download it on the fly for free.. Its pretty cool and interesting stuff for Flash Designers / Developers.

Sound Creator page

Audio Creator
Audio Creator

Here is the list of other interesting applications available in Sonoflash.

Component Showcase
Component Showcase

Visit the site and make use of it.

Source:  Sonoflash.com