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FlexMonkey – Flex UI Testing tool

We’ve got an interesting tool for testing Flex UI parts…. FlexMonkey developed by Gorilla Logic.. FlexMonkey is an Adobe AIR application used for testing Flex- and AIR-based applications. Providing the functionality to record, playback and verify Flex UI interactions, FlexMonkey also generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that you can easily include within a continuous integration environment.

Snap shots from FlexMonkey tool,


Some of its features are,

* Records and plays back Flex UI interactions
* UI Interactions can be edited and replayed
* Generates FlexUnit TestCases, and can also be used with non-FlexUnit-based testing frameworks
* Works with Flex and AIR apps
* Apps can be tested running standalone or in a browser
* Tests can be run from build systems such as Ant
* Handles all Flex UI events
* Uses Flex Automation API to provide native control over your flex app. Requires no javascript or browser plug-ins to use.
* Unit tests are written entirely in ActionScript. No other programming or special purpose scripting languages are needed to develop comprehensive UI test suites.
* Non-invasive. Requires no modifications to your application source.

I’m also new to this.. Have to play soon… Let see how it works.. I will try to post my experience on this tool very soon…

Resources and sources :

Gorilla Logic | Google Code Project – Flex Monkey | Interesting Article of FlexMonkey | Download Page